Think of this as a coffee table book and you are looking at each page.

The story is that I usually shoot a few clothed shots for fun during my nude shoots.

I shoot in my small cabinet shop. It is the only time I try to cleanup the sawdust, hang up some drapes and roll out the seamless. There is about 16 ft for ballet style dancing. There are many sets in my shop. The workbench acts as an 8ft x 8ft stage. I have several mirrors.

Several times, I have set up a “wading pool” in the shop. I screw together 2 x 12” s, fill it with black plastic and water. I installed a shower head over the pool with hot & cold water from the washing machine.

Zoe agreed to a shower shoot and brought a couple of outfits she could wear in the shower. After the shoot she asked me if I would like to keep this dress. I said that It wasn’t my size and didn’t think it would fit. She said she was done with it.

I had spent most of the shoot talking about it - this dress is the most classic, beautiful dress etc etc..

In several of my next shoots, I asked each model if they would like to wear the dress. I was amazed by the way each model reacted to and wore it according to their personalities. The dress fits better if you don’t zip it up.

I am an old fart and know nothing about dresses and less about women. I realized later that women try on different clothes all the time.

There 10 models in this collection, but the same dress