Portraiture - Nudes - Glamour - Clothed 

This composite image won a 2nd place award from Color Magazine in 2010 out of 2,000 entries.

This manipulated composite was awarded an Honorable Mention in Color Magazine out of 2,000 entries.

Robert Hogan commented in 2010

What a great photo. Powerful narrative, like the sharply articulated bed sheets, the model gazing at her own image. The simplicity of the cabin emphasizing the basic elemental appeal of the body. And this is no skinny modern woman. Wonderful daytime lighting rather than sentimental dimmer light. If we think it is a DH Lawrence book open on the table that she is reading the sensuality is raised even higher.

The image was taken in a cabin on the DH Lawrence ranch during the 1998 Figure Photo class at the University of Taos.

Mr. Hogan was in a class at PNCA and encouraged my work. He emailed a this to me. He was well known amongst the Artsy hierarchy in Portland. He was friends with Toddemeir and the boys. He was a retired administrator in the World Health Organization.

 I wish I could write like that. This image has been liked by everybody, but me. I threw the 4 x 6 print in the trash. The janitor picked it out and explained to me that it was really good